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About Us


Fashion has always something I've been passionate about for as long as I can remember. I was fortunate enough to have a mom who went to fashion design school, so I was exposed to all sorts of trends from all the greatest fashion designers at a very young age. Although fashion played a huge role in my life growing up, never in my life did I think it would be something I'd later do for a living.
In 2018, I started Sweet N' Spicy The Label (formally known as Pretty Little Plurmaid) after being fired from my full time position in a hospital as a Patient Care Tech. Upon losing my job, I felt lost and defeated - I had been sexually assaulted the year prior, I was depressed and suicidal and truly wanted to give up on life. I had lost my confidence and drive for life. I dropped out school, left my apartment, and lost a lot of the financial freedom I'd become accustomed to. 
Starting SNSTL was something that kinda fell on my lap - I had about $20 left to my name when I bought my first two yards of fabric and had no prior knowledge of cutting or designing. Even though my mom went to design school, her teaching method scared me and I ended up teaching myself how to cut fabrics, pattern draft and size grade all on my own with a little help of YouTube and Google. I started my company as a way to survive - both mentally and physically. I was lucky enough to have all the tools necessary to be successful at my finger tips.
I found relaxation and joy in my work, and through time I re-gained my will to live. By having starting SNSTL, I re-gained my confidence and sense of being. I made new friends, and created an entire world that made me happy beyond words can explain.
My objective as a company has always been to allow every single person to feel as confident as possible in what they put onto their body. As I got into festival fashion, I realized that not all companies cater to all sizes, and more often than not gave unrealistic body expectations to their consumers. I also came to find that sizes weren't based off of real bodies hence making consumers like myself feel bad about their body image. As a brand, this is something I never wanted or will do. I spent lots of time researching the average sizes of women and adapted myself to make my sizes as true to size as possible.
Sweet N' Spicy The Label is all about allowing yourself feel empowered and to empower others. Each item is hand made with lots of love by either myself or my mom. I am proud to say that we are Latina women, aiming to reach our American Dream all while partaking sustainable and ethical practices.